12 virtual schooling strategies for parents

pandemic setting limits Apr 21, 2020

The current restrictions on schools and the workplace have created a situation at home that none of us were prepared for.

It’s not like staying home with our preschool-age children. Nor is it like summer vacation. It’s not even like homeschooling (in the truest definition of homeschooling.)

This is “emergency virtual schooling,” and let’s admit it now: It’s challenging.

Here are few tips and strategies for helping your children (and yourself!) thrive during the quarantine.

Create a space to work

This will be different for each house and family, of course, but try to create a separate place to work on school work. Minimize distractions as much as possible, and that includes phones and other devices. If you can also create a place for live calls (with good lighting, a microphone, and a neutral background), then everyone can use that space. If it’s not possible to have a dedicated workspace (like you need to use the kitchen table for...

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